Bridgewater House

Bridgewater House, Westminster, London.

The Bath stone Palazzo style house that can be seen today was built between 1847 and 1854, by the Architect Sir Charles Barry for the 3rd Earl of Bridgewater.

This replaced earlier properties on the same site including Berkshire House (1626-27), Cleveland House (circa 1670) before being sold to the Bridgewater family in 1700. Due to the private nature of the property their is little photography of the interiors within the public domain.

Spot Velvet, Bridgewater House Ref 833

Hand Cut Spot Velvet

Hand cut spot velvet for use in an unspecified room.

Silk striped spot velvet narrow woven in pale green. This late 18th Century cloth features small squares of hand cut velvet, and a similar stripe woven for the British Embassy, Moscow is retained in the Warner Textile Archive.

Project reference: 833

Silk Damasks

Humphries Weaving were commissioned to weave a series of silk damasks for curtain and upholstery restorations in unspecified rooms within Bridgewater House.

Damask in Silver and Red (829), Damask in Marigold (835), Damask Peach and Cream (837), Damask in Claret and Cream (838), Damask in Green and Turquoise blue (845), Damask in Mauve and Turquoise Blue (847) and a Damask in Salmon (978).

Project references: 829 / 835 / 837 / 838 / 845 / 847 / 978