Harewood House

Harewood House, Yorkshire.

The seat of the Earl and Countess of Harewood.  The foundation stone for the property was laid in 1759 and work was completed in 1772. The building was designed by the architects John Carr and Robert Adam.

The property is one of the ‘Treasure Houses of Britain’ which are comprised of ten of the most magnificent palaces, houses and castles in England today. This is largely due to Edwin Lascelles commissioning great craftsman; including John Carr, Robert Adam, Thomas Chippendale and Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. The house is filled with fine art and decorative collections that reflect Lascelles desire to create a magnificent house.


The State Bedroom.

Fabric for the restoration of the State Bedroom and the Chippendale State Bed.

The design at Harewood House is, to date, not found anywhere else and is completely unique to the house. It was redrawn by the Humphries Weaving studio from the remaining fragments of the inner lining of the bed dome. However, a small section of the design was missing and the drawing had to be completed by invention, in line with the style of the rest of the pattern.

Whilst Richard was visiting Natalie Rothstein of the V&A, regarding a separate project, he talked through his dilemma and Natalie swiftly produced a fragment of cloth that had been sent to her years earlier direct from Harewood House. To their astonishment the single piece contained the missing floral motif. The design was altered back at the studio and the full pattern was completed in all of its glory.


All silk damask in green for the walling and window drapes in the State bedroom.  

Project reference: 513

All silk damask bed drapes in the same design and colour as the walling and window drapes and then a further  silk lute and tammy linings for Chippendale state bed. 

Project reference: Ref 465 /466 /479 /495 /1636 / 1637




Gilt Furniture Restoration

Damask for furniture restoration.

Crimson pure silk damask woven for the restoration of gilt furniture. There is another version of the same design in the Warner Textile Archive.

Project reference: 561