Schloss Ehrenburg

Schloss Ehrenburg, Germany.

Schloss Ehrenburg is a German castle that was the ancestral home of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who later went on to fall in love with and married Queen Victoria of England.

The castle remained a site for official royal engagements and celebrations for many years, however now it is now run as a museum and art gallery which is open to the public.

Schloss Ehrenburg

Window Drapes

Window Drape Restoration.

Pure silk narrow woven sarsnet which was used for the restoration of window drapes in both crimson and celadon green, pictured here is the lustre of the celadon colourway.

Humphries Weaving were asked to recreate sarsnet fabric from early textile fragments held by Schloss-Ehrenburg, research revealed a square construction of organzine being used for an almost transparent cloth.  Today the cloth would be described as a “paper taffeta” and its beauty is revealed when draped in large swag and tail window treatments.

Sarsnet is the richest in weight of the group of plain silks that are popularly used as linings and feature face cloths, the others being Lute and Lustring. It is a fine plain weave fabric that has high lustre & a soft finish.

Project reference: 1187