The State Trumpeters

The State Trumpeters, The Household Cavalry, United Kingdom.

The State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry, also known as the Blues and Royals, perform at state occasions such as Coronations and Royal weddings to announce the arrival of the monarch.

It is believed that during the reign of King Charles II, Parliament refused to pay for the livery of musicians so the King clothed them out of his own purse. Leading to the elaborate and recogniseable uniform that the kettle drummers and trumpeters still wear today.

Chesterford Damask, State Trumpeters Ref 427

Banners for the State Trumpets

Pure silk damask for State Trumpet Banners.

Pure silk damask used for the hanging banners on the State Trumpets. The damask acts as a strong base for the heavy embroidery that can be added to the banners and must avoid dimpling and gathering. Humphries Weaving have been supplying these special silks in crimson and blue since its foundation.

Project references: 427 / 1671 / 1559 /1772 / 1471 /1270 / 1163

Humphries weaving have also produced crimson damask for the State Trumpeters Banners at the Australian High Commission in London, as well as Regimental Colours for various British Regiments of the Ministry of Defense (MOD), many of which can be seen on display at the annual Trooping of the Colour.