Dress Carriage; Fenix Carriages

Fenix Carriages, Devon

Fenix Carriages manufacture bespoke Horse-drawn carriages and coaches for museums and collections throughout the UK. They also undertake restoration and conservation projects for museums and private collections throughout the UK and offer carriage driving lessons.

Fenix Carriage Cloth reproduction

Fenix Carriages Dress Coach

Upholstery Restoration

Fenix Carriages approached Humphries Weaving with an original horsehair cushion and asked to replicate the fabric for the restoration of a dress coach.

The scale and design were important and we were able to redraw the pattern from sections of the original material.

We wove a silk and linen brocatelle fabric which was colour matched to sit between the original honey colour and more muted faded colour. The interior only required a short run of fabric and we were able to weave this with stock warp and wefts to great effect.

Project References: 2502